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Linear bearing

Linear bearing

LM20UU 20mm Linear Ball Bushing

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LM20UU 20mm Linear Ball Bushing

LM20UULinear Slide Bushing with inner size 20mm ,outer size 32mm and length 42mm ,and thie bearing are produced with Chrome steel and G10 grade balls and rubber seals .

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LM20UU Linear Motion Bearing Introduction : 

Item Name : LM20UU Bearing

Type: Linear Motion Bushing

Number of Ball Circuit: 4

Size: 20mm x 32mm x 42mm

Material :Chrome steel GCr15

Balls : G10 Grade

Type  Linear Bearing
Number  LM20UU
Inner Diameter  d:20mm
Outer Diameter D:32mm
Width 42mm
Weight 0.087
Material  GCR-15 Chrome steel 

Linear Bearing structure: With outer cylinder, retainer, balls, side seals;

Raw material Introduction : GCr15 bearing steel cylinder, G10 class precision ball, PA66 plastic retainer;

Cylinder metal body is heat treated and hardened to enhance to the rigidity and working life;

Both the inner bore and outer cylinder surface are ground several procedures to guarantee the precision;

Completely washed by the super sonic washing machine, pre-lubricated;

linear bearing

LM20UU Linear Picture: 

LM12UU Linear Motion Bushing
LM12UU Linear Bushing

Features of LM20UU Linear Bushing Bearing :

1.With carburizing and quenching process , LM20UU Bearing are high hardness ,high precision and long service life

2.The friction coeffiecient is one -fiftieth of that of oridinary transmission sliding guidance with small friction resistance and fast movement

3.G10 bearing stell ball more wear-resistant durable and smooth

4.The bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft so that the use load is small and the bearing balls is suitable for low-load and high speed movement

Linear Motion Ball Bearings Type :                                                                    

"LM"   metric standard type linear bearing  

"LME"  inch standard type linear bearing

"UU"   rubber seals on the both sides of the long type linear bearing

"OP" open type linear bearing

"AJ" adjustment type linear bearing

*LM...UU: LM...(sylinder), LM...OP(open type), LM...AJ(clearance adustable)

*LME...UU: LME...(sylinder), LME...OP(open type), LME...AJ(clearance adustable), LM...UU & LME...UU: Long type

Linear-motion Bearing type
Linear-motion Bearing

Below Here Are Some Linear Bearing For Your Reference:

Model Inner size(mm) Outer size(mm) Length(mm) Weight(kg/pc)
LM6UU 6 12 19 0.007
LM8UU 8 15 24 0.015
LM10UU 10 19 29 0.03
LM12UU 12 21 30 0.032
LM13UU 13 23 32 0.043
LM16UU 16 28 37 0.069
LM20UU 20 32 42 0.087
LM25UU 25 40 59 0.22
LM30UU 30 45 64 0.25
LM35UU 35 52 70 0.39
LM40UU 40 60 80 0.585
LM50UU 50 75 100 1.58
LM60UU 60 90 110 1.86
LM80UU 80 120 140 4.42

Application of China High Quality Linear Bearing :
    Linear bearings are more and more widely used in precision equipment such as 3D printer ,

number control equipment,engraving machine,linear module ,and all kinds of screw drives

electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, instruments, robots, machine tools, CNC machine tools, automobiles and digital 3D coordinate measuring equipment Or in the special machinery industry.

3D printer bearing

Company Introduction :

MKL BEARINGS is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and sales, specializing in the production and export for bearing ,we can produce linear bearing with standard and non-standard linear ball bearing with your sample or drawing .


We Are Linear Bearing Manufacturers,Working With Us Have Below Advantages :

1,Low MOQ: Can meet your small order request.

2,OEM accepted: Can make products as per your design.what you need to do is sending us your drawings

3,Good service: Treat every client as friend.

4,Good quality: Have strict quality inspection system. Good reputation in the market.

Mark:if you need the matched Linear motion slide units,please feel free to contact us

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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